Small Project 3

Document 1

This is a Bulletin that is from the Mexican-American War. This talks about a loss of the Mexican Army and a small update about the US Army. This will help me understand how fights ended and how news travelled during this war.

Document 2

This document is the back and forth between President Polk and Congressmen discussing the treaty that ends the Mexican American War. This will work with the next document to provide more behind the scenes as to how the Treaty works and the agreements and discussions behind it.

Document 3

This is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which is the treaty that ended the Mexican American War. This is an important document that can help me learn about the end of the war and where the relationship was left with Mexico.

Document 4

This is the Declaration of War that started the Mexican American War. This document shows a small amount of why the war is starting and how the president wants his people to respond.

Document 5

This is a document written by the President and sent to Congress about hostilities with Mexico. It can help me learn about why we went to war with Mexico and how they came to a decision to declare war.

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