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The American Revolution


Chapters, All. “5. The American Revolution | THE AMERICAN YAWP.” Accessed February 2, 2020.


  • Old Whigs and their Tory supporters
    • Authoritarian party who’s beliefs were based on conquering territory and extracting resources. They also sought to eliminate Britain’s growing national debt by raising taxes and cutting spending on the colonies.
  • The Virginia Resolves
    • Most famous Anti-Stamp Act resolutions that stated the colonists were entitled to “all the liberties, privileges, franchises, and immunities . . . possessed by the people of Great Britain.” 
  • Townshend Acts
    • These acts created new customs duties on common items, like lead, glass, paint, and tea, instead of direct taxes. They also added a new American Board of Customs Commissioners and more vice-admiralty courts to try smugglers to further enforce complience.


  1. Women were such an important part of the resistance against the many acts passed to strengthen complience. Did they understand the impact they had on the resistance and how were their lives after the war? Were they punished for resisting or being more active outside of the household?
  2. What kind of injuries were the most common on the battlefield and what was the main killer? It is most likely not a gunshot wound but it could be infection or amputation.

Other Resources

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