HIST 390 Goals

My goals for this class include organizing, learning, and growing.

Firstly, as a very busy student, I want to be organized enough to do well in this class. I have just started to use a planner so I can keep myself in check. I want to organize my week to have a certain day to work on certain classes and their assignments. My first full week of classes was crazy so I’m hoping to be able to use organization to make this semester and class less hectic!

Next, I want to learn. I am a chemistry major who is in this class for my IT credit. I have never been a big history buff but I want to learn some interesting topics that can round out my education. I have also never been very good at technology, but I didn’t think that coding would be necessary for my major. I believe this class will teach me helpful technology usage and enough that it can put me a step up in the real world of jobs.

Finally, I want to grow. I want to grow in my abilities to manage assignments on topics that I don’t know practically anything about. I want to grow in my knowledge of how to make blogs and how to conduct humanities research. I hope to have a wonderful portfolio at the end of the semester to show my progress throughout my time in this class and to be able to say that I’ve grown!

So, here’s to a semester of organizing, learning, and growing!

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