Final Thoughts and Reflection

Wow. This semester is winding down so quickly it feels just like yesterday we had started. I think that March was so excruciatingly slow and then April was gone in a blink. That messed me up. As for this class, I feel like I say it a lot, but I am a Chemistry major and I took this class as my IT requirement because I really REALLY didn’t want to code anything. I figured that even though History isn’t my favorite subject, I could bear with it and do the work. This class turned out to be so much more than that and I couldn’t be more grateful. I learned about NEW HISTORY TOPICS that were actually interesting and a lot better than Virginia and US history that I had shoved down my throat for years. I also learned some cool technology tricks, uses, and programs (thanks Zotero for saving my life) that will help me throughout the rest of my college career and real life career.

I really enjoyed the Small Projects and even the reading reflections we did because it helped me learn so much about events that I had only heard the name of, besides the Revolutionary War of course. I was worried about the class because I was so stressed about my STEM classes (I am taking Organic Chem 2 which is notoriously TERRIBLE) that I felt like this class would fall to the wayside. After a few weeks in the beginning I was realizing that this class was actually a breath of fresh air to do when I can only see hexagons and arrows. I also really enjoyed the interactions that I had in class and how much I connected with other students.

Now I can reflect on the second half of the semester. I had a really hard time with the discussions because I don’t feel connected and I was worried I would say something that sounded dumb or weird. I didn’t participate as much in the discussions as I should have but I did listen to every single podcast and really enjoyed all of the perspectives and information. My life spiraled downward after the quarantine started and I would stay up super late because of anxiety and wake up at noon and have no motivation to get out of bed. I would listen to the podcasts on my phone when I woke up to start my day with something intellectual.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in this History class, which is something I don’t say lightly, because of the atmosphere Dr. Mullen and the TA’s set and how much effort was put in from their part.

Thanks for everything and I hope we cross paths in the future.
Gillian Megan Payne

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